Resources for #J20


With the actions against the Inauguration of Donald Trump coming up this week, we have prepared a print-ready handout to be distributed at demonstrations all around the United States. Here it is in three versions, followed by an array of materials about proper dress and security in public order situations. Good luck, everyone, and stay safe.

Club Kid Version

8.5”x11” handout
3.1mb download

8.5”x11” handout
2.9mb download

Midwestern Liberal Remix

8.5”x11” handout
0.4mb download

8.5”x11” handout
0.2mb download

21st Century Punk Rock Collage Poster

11”x17” poster
19.5mb download

The Problem

…is that anyone could wield so much power in the first place. A man like Donald Trump could never be so dangerous if government and the market didn’t concentrate power in the hands of a ruling class.

Putting another party in power won’t fix this. All the faith invested in Obama’s promises of Hope and Change just legitimized the government long enough for a more ruthless tyrant to take the reins. All the taxes paid by hopeful citizens just put more bullets in the guns of the police that will go on profiling, imprisoning, deporting, and murdering people under Donald Trump.

We have to stop ceding our strength to these institutions. Instead, let’s build networks to meet our needs directly and defend ourselves against everyone who wants to rule us. The only way to freedom and equality is through self-determination, mutual aid, and collective resistance.

Proper Attire

Security Culture